Unwanted Skin Growth

Unwanted Skin Growths

Youthful skin is smooth, firm, evenly coloured with no growth. However, skin is the first area to show signs of aging. Unwanted growth on the skin not only looks unsightly but makes us look unattractive. This can be treated by Radio wave Technology that uses energy to make cosmetic enhancing incisions. Healing is rapid, virtually bloodless and with little or no bruising or swelling.

Few of the other commonly encountered unwanted growths are:

Moles, Warts, Tough Skins, Birth marks, Frickles, Scars, Corns

Get rid of wart, Moles & skin Tag. These are the unwanted growth of skin that some people develop on the Face, Neck, Armpits and the groin.
The removal of unwanted moles and skin tags is a simple and effective treatment. The shape, size and color of the moles will help the doctor customize a personal treatment for you.
These can be removed by using different approach of treatments according
to the type of skin growth. It requires proper precesion & skill to avoid scars

Why Altmis for removal of Unwanted Skin Growths?

We at Altmis Clinicuse the safest technology with minimal downtime and no side effects. We understand that less healing time
with even skin with no unwanted growths is desired by all of us.


SKIN TAGS/ ACROCHORDONS: These are soft, pedunculated, skin coloured to brownish lesions present over neck, axillae, groin, eyelids and inner thighs usually. More commonly seen in overweight individuals, in elderly and middle- age group.


MILIA: they are asymptomatic, tiny, and white or skin colored raisedsubepidermal cysts,seen in all age groups around eyes


DERMATOSIS PAPULOSA NIGRICANS (DPNS): DPN’s are more common in dark- skinned individuals. It appears as multiple brownish-black asymptomatic, small, smooth round raised lesions mainly around eyes, sometimes over neck or trunk can be seen.


MOLE (MELANOCYTIC NAEVUS): It is commonly seen in first two decades of life, sometimes it is present since birth. They are dark brownish black flat or raised smooth lesion. They may change slowly, becoming raised, changing color or gradually fading over the course of time.


Corns and warts : are two common foot conditions. The difference between these two conditions is that corns are concentrated only on the feet while warts can appear all over the body.

Corns occur when there is localized high friction pressure on the bony prominences of the foot. The foot then responds to the added pressure by thickening the skin in that area to protect itself. Such skin pressure causes an inadequate blood circulation in the skin to cause corns. A corn doesn’t itch or bleed. You feel no pain if your pinch it. The only pain you may feel from a corn is direct pressure when you stand up or walk.

On the other hand, a wart is not related to friction. It is a skin condition caused by the human papilloma virus that enters the skin through breaks or openings or other direct body contact with the virus. Corns are not infectious while warts are contagious and hence should be treated as quickly as possible.


Syringoma: It is fairly common conditions seen in femalespredominantely. They are multiple, 1-3 mm, skin-colored, dome shaped, flat raised lesions around eyes.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Consult a doctor about removing any skin tags, warts or especially moles.
  • Consult a doctor if you notice any change in your skin growths, including increase in size, change in color, pain, bleeding, cracking or oozing.
  • Be careful treating warts with over-the-counter drugs, particularly genital warts, which are best treated by a doctor.
  • Keep the skin clean and moisturized.


  • Pick at moles, warts or skin lesions to prevent infecting the area and worsening the condition.
  • Get impatient. Home remedies can take days or weeks to work. Again, in most cases it’s best to consult a doctor.