Hair Loss


One cannot deny how good one feels when hair not just look good but feel great because of their inherent health. Whatever the length of your hair, regular care is what’ll keep it looking healthy & lustrous.

While it’s tempting to try different hair styles, don’t forget to give it the right amount of nourishment & quality care they need, so that they bounce back to their healthy glory soon enough!

Your hair go through different stages of aging along with you, and need close attention. A healthy diet with the right mix of protein, iron and other nutrients can help improve the health, look and feel of your hair. It is very important to understand the root cause of the hair concern and accordingly cater to it.

If identifying this isn’t easy for you, taking expert opinion can always! At Altmis, our beauty experts will guide you through the process and hand hold until you feel good about your hair once again. So, whatever the hair problem, now is the time to bring back its lost glory.

HAIR LOSS Hair loss could be caused due to several reasons such as lack of vitamins, minerals or iron in the body, age, pollution, heredity, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and illness.

When it comes to diet, your hair needs the same well rounded diet that provides all the recommended vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for good health.


Why Does Hair loss Occur?

In Women: Hair Loss in women is attributed to genetic predisposition, aging, hormonal imbalance and the levels of endocrine hormones, particularly androgens. During the time that hormonal changes caused by menopause take place, the levels of androgens rise and many women find that their hair has thinned. Family history is also an indicator of whether or not a woman will suffer some degree of genetic.

In Men: Hereditary hair loss in men is due to the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on scalp hair follicles. The hair follicles react to dihydrotestosterone making them shrink and balding gradually takes place.
In any instance where you experience Hair loss, a visit to a dermatological expert is the best way to find the real cause of the problem and then accurately address it.

Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata

male-pattern baldness

Androgenetic alopecia

female-pattern baldness

Telogen Effluvium

hair falls out after a stressful experience

What is alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles camera.gif, which is where hair growth begins. The damage to the follicle is usually not permanent. Experts do not know why the immune system attacks the follicles. Alopecia areata is most common in people younger than 20, but children and adults of any age may be affected. Women and men are affected equally.

What happens in alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata usually begins when clumps of hair fall out, resulting in totally smooth, round hairless patches on the scalp. In some cases the hair may become thinner without noticeable patches of baldness, or it may grow and break off, leaving short stubs (called “exclamation point” hair). In rare cases, complete loss of scalp hair and body hair occurs. The hair loss often comes and goes-hair will grow back over several months in one area but will fall out in another area.

When alopecia areata results in patches of hair loss, the hair usually grows back in a few months.1 Although the new hair is usually the same color and texture as the rest of the hair, it sometimes is fine and white.

About 10% of people with this condition may never regrow hair.

In some people with alopecia areata, the fingernails and toenails become pitted-they look as if a pin had made many tiny dents in them. They may also look like sandpaper.

Alopecia areata can be treated. No worry at Altmis you will get specialist doctor treatments to gain your hair back.

What is Androgenetic Alopecia?

This type of alopecia is often attributed to genetic predisposition and family history. Androgenic alopecia is seen in both men and women. The hair loss in men is often faster, earlier onset, and more extensive.

Doctors refer to common baldness as “androgenetic alopecia” or “androgenic alopecia,” which implies that a combination of hormones and heredity (genetics) is needed to develop the condition. The exact cause of this pattern is unknown. (The male hormones involved are present in both men and women.)

What is Telogen Effluvium?

It is normal to lose up to about 100 hairs a day on one’s comb, brush, in the sink or on the pillow. This is the result of the normal hair growth cycle. Hairs will grow for a few years, then rest for a few months, shed, and regrow. Telogen is the name for the resting stage of the hair growth cycle. A telogen effluvium is when some stress causes hair roots to be pushed prematurely into the resting state. Telogen effluvium can be acute or chronic.



We at Altmis believe that the cause of the hair problem needs to be tackled at its very core. So we support the journey of creating a healthy hair root with these essentials –

Altmis Specialist are experts who help you diagnose the cause of hair-loss accurately and then accordingly enable you to tackle the problem.

After understanding the problem area, adequate care is taken to address the cause through a combination of Altmis products and services.

A nutrition-led approach is taken to nurture and protect fragile hair follicles that multiply based on the nutrition provided, hence it is important to supplement this with an optimal diet.

A Altmis Specialist after thorough assessment of your hair will guide you regarding the exact number of sessions required to arrest a particular hair problem. Maintenance sessions may be required as just a small top-up to seal the efficacy of the treatment.

 Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that involves moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) to bald or balding parts (the recipient site).

It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness also referred as AndrogeneticAloepecia.

The procedure involves transferring grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding to the balding area. The transplanted hair will start growing within 3-6 months. These hair will be like your existing hair and will need to be regularly cut and can be styled anyway you want!.

Hair Transplant is a great way to get back hair that has fallen off permanently due to balding. At Altmis, we beat the competition both through our innovative techniques and excellent results. We use the safest and the most advanced Hair Transplant that offer the best results. We boast of the best yield rate (No of Transplanted Hair that Grow/ No of Transplanted Hair) at 98%.

Moreover our background in treating Hair Loss enables us to compliment Hair Transplant with proven technologies such as PRP and Hair Loss to accelerate hair growth and offer you unmatched results.


In this more recent and popular procedure, strands of hair are transplanted from the back and sides of the head in groups of one up to four since this is how hair naturally grows. Because it mimics how human hair actually grows, this procedure delivers results that look more natural. Another advantage that this procedure has over the others is that it does not involve major and deep cuttings. Thus, the recovery time is shorter and the scars that arise are minimal.

Unlike strip method each graft is extracted individually in FUE and it leaves no scar.

Our follicular Unit extraction (FUE) offers:

We offers the best graft yield i.e the success rate of implanted grafts is very high due to no human intervention or environmental contamination.

Our spcialist team perform the best accuracy in transplant procedures by providing precise suction for harvesting of hair follicles and exact pressure for the implantation.

As we do care of accuracy in transplant procedures and harvesting of follicles and pressured implantation, it affect the time and speed to do things more faster than old FUE methods.

Altmis ensures 100% transparency rate. We value the faith of our patients on us. With the help of our“Graft Counter” you can monitor the number of grafts transplanted at the time of the procedure.

Transection rate is the rate of grafts destroyed during extraction. FUE Direct Hair Transplantation offers you the minimum transaction rate i.e. 1-2% where as in Traditional FUE this varies between 10-12%.

At Altmis we can transplant upto 2000-3000 hair grafts through FUE in a single day.


Hair Loss requires correct diagnosis, precise customized solutions, and continuous care and maintenance – all provided in a new holistic system – Altmis Regrow Root Booster Therapy.

Altmis Regrow Root Booster Therapy is designed by our expert Specialists to make a holistic impact right where it matters – at the hair root. Altmis Regrow Root Booster Therapy is a superior offering compared to treatments you’ve tried so far.

These treatments help target different hair loss conditions across men and women like Androgenetic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata. Let’s understand how Altmis Targeted Root Regen System works for your hair.

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